3 Vendors You Can't Delay Booking Before Your Big Day

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3 Vendors You Can't Delay Booking Before Your Big Day

9 June 2015
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A lot of people think there is plenty of time to plan a wedding, but there are some key aspects you want to book as soon as you have a date and location for the wedding. You don't want to wait, and then end up not having the vendors you need.

After you know where you are going to have your wedding and you have a date, since you need to book your ceremony and reception venues first, book the following things.


Could you imagine not having photographs of your wedding day, or not having great photographers? This could be a problem if you don't book your photographer in advance. Photographers can book up months in advance or further, so you want to start browsing through portfolios right away. You may even want to start looking at photographers before you pick a date. Put down the deposit and save your professional for your big day. Check for reviews on sites like the Knot.com and Facebook, to see how other brides and grooms have liked their services.


Do you want everyone in your wedding party to ride around with each other and have fun on the day of your wedding? You want to book your party bus, limousine, carriage or other method of transportation right away. You have to compete with not only other weddings, but parties and other people that may want that service. It's always best to get more room than you could need to, instead of trying to push it. Make sure you know the specific number of seats each vehicle has, along with room for coolers or other things. A stretch limo may not seat as many as a Hummer limo.

Many grooms and brides also neglect to think about post reception transportation. If you fear people will be drinking and driving, have a shuttle service for the reception. Talk with the limo transportation company like Pittsburgh Limo Service Extreme about costs, or look for other options like a shuttle service.

Cake or Desserts  

Since creating a wedding cake isn't an easy task, you can't leave your cake needs up to a local grocery store. You want to make sure that you can find someone to create the cake or cupcakes that you want, and that will look fantastic at your wedding. You want to get your cake tastings scheduled and out of the way, so you can book your cake professional and get your order in the books. Find out if delivery and set up is included, because often it isn't added in the initial quote.

There are many details that have to be figured out when you plan a wedding, but it's important to book the vendors for things you can't do on your own. If you are going to be making your own centrepieces, designing your own invitations, and making other things, you want to get those done sooner rather than later, but these are the things you have to worry about someone else doing for you. Don't risk a wedding dilemma and book these professionals as soon as you can put down a deposit.