Looking For Something Different for a Bachelorette Party? Five Reasons to Consider a Private Yacht Charter

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Looking For Something Different for a Bachelorette Party? Five Reasons to Consider a Private Yacht Charter

29 June 2015
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If planning a bachelorette party is in your future, think outside the box and consider having that celebration on board a private chartered yacht. Below are five reasons that these well equipped and fully staffed floating venues are perfect for this all important ladies' night, or day, out.

No Fuss Party Arrangements

Planning a bachelorette party usually involves booking a venue and sorting out food and entertainment. Chartering a yacht allows you to accomplish all of this with a single company. Private yacht charters come with their own crew, offer catering services, and can even arrange for live music and/or a DJ.

Go Casual and Get Comfortable

A bachelorette party on a private yacht is the perfect excuse to break out the bikinis and the sun dresses. There's also no law that says the party has to stay on the boat. Most yacht companies offer a number of destinations. You may opt to anchor in a quiet lagoon that's perfect for snorkeling or swimming. Jump in, get wet, or don't.

No One Can Crash the Party

Once you leave the dock, your yacht is your own private refuge. Even if another boat motors out and pulls alongside, the captain can either invite the boaters on, or not. If you've paid for a private charter, the captain will do as you wish, unless there is an emergency situation. Other than that, if the bride and guests give the thumbs down, the party crashers are sent on their way.

What Happens on the Boat Stays on the Boat

Book your bachelorette party in a hotel or restaurant banquet room and you're not assured of complete privacy. Even if you manage to avoid the party crashers, there's always the chance that embarrassing photos of your party will end up on a cell phone, and from there, perhaps even the Internet.On a private yacht charter, you have total privacy to get a little silly. The captain and crew are not about to talk; that's bad for business.

Scenic Backdrops for Those Party Photos

Your private charter yacht also offers an ever-changing backdrop for the festivities. Imagine taking party photos with the Golden Gate Bridge and the lights of San Francisco in the background. Or, consider cruising the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe and framing your party with forests of evergreens and the peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  You can even get private yacht charters in the Caribbean. Whether you prefer an urban or a more back-to-nature setting, all backdrops add something extra to those party photo memories.