3 Things That You'll Learn In Freight Broker Training

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3 Things That You'll Learn In Freight Broker Training

6 July 2015
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If you find the process of shipping and transporting of goods to be interesting and are interested in pursuing a related career, you might be thinking about becoming a freight broker. Basically, a freight broker helps connect businesses that want to ship their goods with trucking companies that are willing to move these goods for them.

To become a freight broker, you are going to need to go through freight broker training. However, you could be wondering what to expect when taking  these classes. These are a few things that you will learn when going to freight broker school.

1. Guidelines and Regulations About Shipping

Even though you won't be the one doing the shipping, you still need to know about the guidelines and regulations that are in place for the shipment of goods. For example, you'll learn about the legalities surrounding transporting different items across state lines or into Canada or Mexico from the United States. You will learn about what types of products are heavily regulated when being transported, such as liquor and firearms. It's important for you to know these things so that you'll know which types of shipping companies to contact when trying to arrange for certain goods to be transported.

2. Billing and Account Handling

You will obviously need to be able to collect payments from your clients, and you will learn about how to charge for your services and collect your money. For example, you might learn how to pre-charge one company for shipping and your fee so that you can pay the company that is actually handling the freight yourself. You will be given tips and advice about the best software programs and systems to use to ensure that you get paid with as few problems as possible.

3. Claim Handling

As the middleman, you will probably be contacted fairly frequently with questions about where the customer's freight is and when it can be expected to reach its destination. You may also be contacted with any complaints if the freight is damaged during shipping or if it takes a long time to reach its destination. You will need to know how to handle these claims the right way, which you will learn in freight broker training.

As you can see, you can expect to learn a lot in freight broker training. If you're interested in this exciting career, now is the time to start looking for freight training schools in your area.