Three Factors To Consider When Calculating A Tip For Your Airport Taxi Driver

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Three Factors To Consider When Calculating A Tip For Your Airport Taxi Driver

7 July 2015
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Arranging for a taxi to deliver you to the airport in time to catch your flight allows you to focus on daydreaming about your destination instead of stressing about traffic and parking. As you arrive at your terminal and are ready to hop out to begin your airborne adventure, it's important to stay grounded long enough to remember to tip your driver. A professional taxi driver can take the anxiety out of getting to the airport on time, and his or her attentiveness is worth thanking with a tip. Knowing the appropriate range that you should tip allows you to ensure that you're following etiquette rules. Here are the main factors to consider.

Tipping Basics

Although the amount that you choose to tip is primarily a matter of personal preference and is dictated by the specific nature of your ride, Bloomberg Business reports that tipping your taxi driver around 20 percent of the cost of the ride, or slightly greater, is conventional. Many taxi companies allow customers to pay their fare with a credit card, but it's always useful to carry enough cash on hand to tip in this manner. If you're not sure how much the fare will be, plan to have a few low-denomination bills to allow you to make up the desired tip once you reach the airport.

Other Factors

You don't have to tip the driver exactly 20 percent of the fare. If you feel that your driver goes above and beyond to improve the nature of the ride, it's perfectly acceptable to tip 21 percent, 22 percent or even higher. If you're running late for your flight and the driver makes an extra effort to drive quickly and safely, for example, you might want to tip a little extra to show your gratitude.

Help With Your Luggage

It's common for many taxi drivers to give you a hand with your luggage once you reach the airport. Although the driver won't likely have time to transport your luggage all the way to the gate, it's reasonable to expect that he or she might quickly hop out of the cab, find a luggage cart and load your suitcases for you. Because this act goes above and beyond the taxi driver's basic duties, it's worth rewarding with a tip. Give at least $1 per bag and up to $2 if your luggage is overly heavy or difficult to handle.

Tipping rules are generally the same, whether you use a company cab service, like Yellow Cab, or a private owner car service.