Choosing Bike Clothing Based On How You Ride

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Choosing Bike Clothing Based On How You Ride

12 June 2015
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Cycling can be uncomfortable if you are not wearing specially made bike shorts or pants. Everyday work or casual clothes often have thick seams and heavy fabric that restricts movement and can irritate and chafe sensitive areas. The good thing is that there are choices available based on how you ride.  Here are three types of riding and the types or shorts or pants that go with them.

1. Riding to get into shape or race:

Most races often require hours of riding and training for each week. The same is true if you are using your bike to get into shape. For these types of rides, the standard, tight-fitting bike shorts work well for maximum comfort and flexibility. When choosing bike shorts, more panels are better, but are also more expensive. These types of bike shorts should also come with a chamois that protects the sensitive sitting areas. Shorts can come in various lengths. Choose one that is long enough to prevent chafing against the saddle, but also keep you warm, if needed.

2. Mountain biking:

If riding off road is your thing, then you have a whole different set of shorts and pants to choose from. Bike shorts and pants for mountain biking often appear baggy and loose on the outside, but have a padded inner lining for comfort. They can also come in different lengths and have pockets and other accessories. Even if you're not planning on using your bike off road, these types of pants are ideal if you are pedaling around, shopping, or doing other tasks around town when you're not on the trail.

3. Commuting and running errands:

If you mostly use your bike to run errands or commute to work, then you have the best leeway in what to choose to wear. Many bike shops sell a variety of commuter bike shorts that are not only functional for bike riding, but don't actually look like bike shorts. The only issue is that many of these shorts don't come with padding or inner liners. If you commute a long way, you may have to buy padded underwear or padded shorts underneath. If your errand or commute is short, you may be able to get away with wearing regular everyday clothing, but be wary of anything that will get caught in a chain.

Bike shorts and pants are made to be functional, first, and stylish next. Luckily, there are several styles to choose depending on how you ride. If you have more questions about choosing the right type of bike pants for your type of riding, talk to a bike shop like Tri-A-Bike Inc