3 Limo Etiquette Tips For Business Entertaining

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3 Limo Etiquette Tips For Business Entertaining

28 December 2015
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Hiring a limousine to take an important client around town is a sure way to impress, but only if you know the rules of the road. Like all things in life – and especially in business – there are some rules of etiquette that you must know. The following guide can help you navigate the world of limo travel like a pro.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Talk with your limo driver, or at least the dispatcher, before meeting with your client. You need to verify the type of limousine you are getting to ensure it is appropriate for a business event. Ask about the arrangement of the various seats so you can create a seating plan, and then give this plan to the driver or dispatcher. This is also a good time to find out the tipping policy. Some services add it to the overall cost, while with others you will need to have a tip ready to give the driver discreetly when they drop you off. Also, make sure you know what amenities are available and how to access them. If your client asks for water, you want to make sure you know where the refrigerator compartment is located since these are often camouflaged to blend in with the interior.

Tip #2: Seat Properly

Just like in a boardroom, there is also a "power seat" in the limousine. This is generally where you want to place the client since you are trying to impress them. For a limo this seat is the seat on the curbside of the vehicle, or the passenger side. For limos with multiple curbside seats, this is the rear-most curbside seat in the limo. Seats facing toward the rear of the limo are usually considered the less ideal seats, so they are reserved for the lower level employees. The driver-side forward facing window seat is for the second most important person in the vehicle. Middle seats are the least desirable, so you don't want to sit your most important passengers in these.

Tip #3: Understand the Basic Services

It is not your job to open doors or load luggage. Any items that will be stowed in the trunk should be handed to your driver. Also, wait for your driver to open the door to both let you in and to let you out of the limo. It is considered poor etiquette to open a limo door yourself. If you need to change plans once you are on the road, use the intercom button or roll down the glass between you and the driver. Do not tap on the glass. Although you may have seen this done in movies, it is generally considered rude.

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