5 Amenities Party Buses Have To Offer You

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5 Amenities Party Buses Have To Offer You

23 September 2016
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You need a limousine service for your next major event. But, you want something that goes above and beyond the norm. Sure, that black stretch limo is classically stylish. That said, it isn't the only option. Party buses provide a larger space, more room and the option of upgrades galore. If you go the bus route, what kind of extras can you expect (or, at least ask for)?

Lighting System

Obviously, you need lights to see what's going on in your bus. But, many of these parties-on-wheels have extravagant systems that include laser light shows, flashing colors or a disco-like design.

Sound System

Your guests are ready for a night of dancing. Why wait until you get to the club? Start the party now—on the bus. These over-the-top limousine services often come with stellar sound systems, letting you play the role of DJ for your friends.

Dance Floors/Poles

What else (other than lights and sounds) do you need to dance? A suitable floor. Some buses come equipped with a special dance floor. Others also have dance poles installed too.


As you're driving to your destination you can treat your friends and family to a special screening of a favorite movie, catch your local team's game or even pay a video game. Many party buses come equipped with televisions to watch whatever you want as you're being driven around.

A Full Bar

A traditional limo is likely to have some sort of cold storage. This may include a small-sized ice chest that holds a bottle of champagne or a few mini bottles of wine. A party bus super-sizes this and may come complete with a full bar. This could include room for a selection of liquors, wines and beers along with mixers and glassware. Of course, this is only an option for guests that are 21 and older. Party buses for a younger audience may require guests to stock the bar with items such as flavored waters, soda and juice. Keep in mind, you'll need to bring your own alcohol (if you're over 21). Most states prohibit limo service companies from supplying alcohol to passengers. 

Storage Space

Your guests don't want to ride around wearing their bulky coats. They also don't want to clutter the dance floor or cram the seats with jackets as they let loose and have fun. Choosing a vehicle with plenty of storage space gives you enough room to party on the bus, while keeping coats, purses, gifts and anything else you're bringing on board safe.

While these are some of the more popular amenities that party buses have, your local limo service provider may offer their own specialized add-ons. Always ask what the company can provide or what amenity packages they have. For more information, contact companies like A&A Limousine & Bus Services.