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Improving Your Car From the Inside-Out

When you need to sell your car, you might be worried about making the inside as pristine as possible. But how will you repair that torn upholstery or get rid of that "kid" smell? It might seem like an impossible task, but car dealerships whip cars into shape every day. I worked as an auto detailer for awhile, and these days, I am an absolute car-cleanliness fanatic. I want to teach you the tricks of the trade, which is why I made this website. As you go through this information, try to track down the tips that will make your car a beauty.


Choosing Bike Clothing Based On How You Ride

12 June 2015
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Cycling can be uncomfortable if you are not wearing specially made bike shorts or pants. Everyday work or casual clothes often have thick seams and heavy fabric that restricts movement and can irritate and chafe sensitive areas. The good thing is that there are choices available based on how you ride.  Here are three types of riding and the types or shorts or pants that go with them. 1. Riding to get into shape or race: Read More …

What Is EDI And How Can It Benefit Trucking Clients?

11 June 2015
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People generally don't associate trucking with sophisticated software solutions. It's a stereotype, of course, of blue-collar and white-collar work. But it's hard to imagine these two stereotypes, a long-haul driver with jeans and a trucker hat and a programmer with khaki pants and eyes glued to the newest tablet, drinking at the same bar. But like many stereotypes, there's more there than meets the eye – look a little deeper, and you'll find something very different. Read More …

Becoming An Owner Operator: 3 Things You Should Know

11 June 2015
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If you have your CDL license and are looking to branch out, be your own boss, and have higher earnings potential, then you might want be considering the option of working independently as an owner operator trucking company. As an owner operator, you'll be responsible for finding your own jobs and driving your own truck, but you'll also enjoy taking on the jobs you want and not paying any of your earnings to a " Read More …

3 Vendors You Can’t Delay Booking Before Your Big Day

9 June 2015
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A lot of people think there is plenty of time to plan a wedding, but there are some key aspects you want to book as soon as you have a date and location for the wedding. You don't want to wait, and then end up not having the vendors you need. After you know where you are going to have your wedding and you have a date, since you need to book your ceremony and reception venues first, book the following things. Read More …